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Control Panels  

Design, manufacture and installation of control panels to suit your requirement. Using the very latest in control technology we can ensure the reliability, operability and safety of a system that suits your needs.

Machinery upgrade

You often find that machinery often has a much longer mechanical life than the life and reliability of the control systems, more often than not it works out much cheaper to upgrade machine controls than to buy new, especially if there are certain functions and additions you require of your machinery. Here at Hartech we offer different levels of machine upgrades from complete rebuilds including strip & paint etc to smaller onsite systems where just the parts that are failing are replaced.

Machine attachments

Hartech offers a wide range of attachments designed and built to your own requirements and specifications. We have built a wide range of punching, sealing and winding ancillary equipment.

Breakdown cover

We know how important it is to get a machine back into production after a breakdown, that's why we give priority to all breakdown work.  With the latest PLC monitoring and test equipment we always aim to get to the route source of a machine problem and repair it before it becomes an issue.

Machine safety

Some of the machinery we come across throughout industry leaves a lot to be desired with regard to machine safety. We can offer advice and assistance in making such machinery safe for purpose, protecting staff and operators. These steps are much easier to take prior to an accident.